lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

welcome to my blog...

Hi Welcome to my blog. I made this blog for my English Level 2 class I'm bethania hinestroza ,my friends usually call me betha :) I'm 18 years old, My birthday it's september nine ,I'm studying  law at urbe ,I'm from maracaib.I live in zona sur in maracaibo ,I live with my parents,I have a dog called GUDY ,He is lovely and playful.

I have one brother, His name is jose ramon,He is older than me, has two children, I Love them .I have boyfriend his name is andres sanchez been together for two and half years,I love and loves me!

Things i like  and i do not like 
I like to dance ,Japanese food,Candies,Listening to music and  whatever is in the form of heart.
I do not like,Lie,I do not pay attention,Loud noises, and treason! 

My dream is to open a foundation for people who suffering CANCER, Because my mother suffers Cancer,and my aunt also died because of this years ago.

    she is the best mother in this world 

                     my Dad
            My brother! 
she is my second mon my brother and me!
            my dog

       my nephews!
               my boyfriend!

      In every step you love is leaving !

my city